The House That Became A Canvas

Shabnam Gupta


To understand the beauty of this Pune home, one must dwell on all the carefully selected elements that were involved in enhancing the charm of the design scheme – flamboyant colours.
Designed on the meeting point between pop art irreverence and old Rajasthani opulence, the rooms here are as suffused with a zest for life as they are with colours and light. Conceptualised by Shabnam Gupta led The Orange Lane, the house is a contemporary refurbishment-cum-redesign project that seamlessly amalgamates the preferences of the clients and the aesthetic dedication of the design team. Evidence is in the light flowing spaces, the remarkable furniture pieces and in the sense of belonging to a warm, welcoming place.
Statement-making bold colours were the fulcrum of the design process and form and material were decided to enhance the tenor thereafter. Earthy materials with warm colours and rustic textures make this project homely and lived in.