Unfettered Semantics

Aniket And Smruti Bhagwat


M/s Prabhakar B Bhagwat and Samira Rathod and Associates (SRDA) collaborate to assign nature with a cohesive built form, evolving an inspired typology of design.

It is heartening to see that design firms like M/s Prabhakar B Bhagwat and Samira Rathod and Associates (SRDA) seek and appreciate an inward look into the relevance of their designs and subsequently indulge in a healthy critique. The project under our axe presently is a private clubhouse situated in the heart of Ahmedabad on a lush manicured landscape of approx. 7 hectares. The clubhouse is a sprawling 10,760 sq. ft. simple, self-effacing modern entity nestled amidst the extensive landscape of huge water recharge ponds, walking tracks, driveways and gardens.

The architecture and landscape are premeditated and culled by M/s. Prabhakar B Bhagwat. The project follows an indoor-outdoor blur and allows cross connection of the greens. While the built architecture is along a rectilinear styling creating a definitive impact enclosed as it is, partially in glass and partially open to the outdoors; it is equally distinctive with its interiors reflected in the large boat-shaped pool and via inward-cast reflections, by night.

The clubhouse is marked by a large veranda that runs along the length of the built form, traversing diagonally across the site, held by detached exposed RCC columns, a lounge with a pantry, a gym, and small massage and yoga area connected to it. A detached but congruous private master suite is stationed towards the rear.

The lounge with its three spaces: pool-table gaming area, bar and living room flow into each other with simple white surfaces and stone and wood flooring. Custom-designed light fittings create a magical ambience.

A few elements are particularly intriguing: the terrace with its high parapet and focus-on-sky linearity; the large orb-lights in the living areas that double up as visual bonfires on the terrace; free-standing light switches; low-window in the bedroom that overlooks the pond; the lampooned artwork; and the oblique doorway.