Verandah on a Roof

Kalpak Shah


This verandah is more than just an open space for the Pune family. It houses a pantry, a library and a waterfall!

Located on the roof of a 12-storey building of a duplex apartment in Pune, this space was conceptualised as a ‘Veranda’. (Verandah in Hindi means a transitional space between public and private area or, between a house and a street).

Traditionally, verandas or balconies have been an integral part of our homes. However, in recent years, mostly due to lack of space, forgotten and disappeared. A veranda was always an element, central to making our houses into homes, a space for conversations, a place for one to relax and unwind.

This verandah, designed by Studio Course Architects, was made keeping the family and their requirements in mind. A space crafted out from their lifestyle, which revolves around books, food and plants. Hence, this veranda houses a library and a pantry, which extend into a terrace.

The design intends a play on the senses as one approaches the place through a wooden staircase from the living room below. The existing walls of the staircase were broken down and the roof was created to open up the space. This enabled Studio Course Architects to make the veranda into an extension of the main house below, while allowing the two levels to engage in a dialogue.

Bold earthy undertones of the cement textured walls and teak wood furniture are used to set the tone of this space. The roof library overlooks the terrace garden through a wooden glass-panelled façade.

The uniformity of space is also accentuated by the use of natural materials such as cement plaster, teak wood, granite stone and brass metal. The minimal furniture allows for easy movement. The library unit is designed to be understated in its form. A metal staircase hung from stainless steel wires on one end and anchored to a wooden beam on the other leads to a store room above.

The fully-equipped pantry explores the idea of cooking outdoors. The reading nook, which sits along the waterfall and a lotus pond within it, is a tranquil setting.