Victorian Designs For A Family Of Three Generations

Vyoma Patwa


Seth’s Residency in Hiranandani Estate, Thane, with an area of 5,000 sq ft, houses three generations of a family.

Located on the topmost level of a high-rise, this flat overlooks nothing but serene mountains, greenery and a perennial river. This picture perfect view, with the spacious spaces, makes one forget the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The above feel to the place led Desing Lab Vyoma to create a Victorian style for the interiors, adding drama and glamour to the house. Principal architect, Vyoma Patwa, focused in creating robust spaces, which looked beyond a regular everyday city home.

The layout planning and designing was articulated with much care to ensure large spaces to accommodate furniture and details that would do justice to the concept.

“The client’s family is spread across three generations. It was challenging as a designer to satisfy everyone’s needs. Thus, in terms of space planning and functionality one can find spaces created and designed to cater to everyone,” Patwa says.

Such spaces include the balcony and the swing that overlook the hills and river for the grandparents and the modern home theatre room for the younger generation. In terms of designing style majority of the spaces like the living area, kitchen, foyer, master bedroom, have a strong Victorian architecture influence. Both the rooms for the younger generation have been done up in a contemporary manner.

Specialised local craftsmen were hired to create a perfect blend of traditions local arts with international design aesthetics. Glimpses of traditional carvings, patterns and mouldings are visible throughout the house.

One can also see how the use of modern technologies such as home automation systems, wireless wi-fi, latest bath fittings, smart kitchen solutions and home theatre systems have been blended with Victorian aesthetics. Every object has been custom designed and detailed to suit the nature of this house.

Design Lab Vyoma is a Mumbai based, multidisciplinary architectural interior firm founded by Patwa. The firm has been working on various projects for commercials interiors, restaurants and resorts across India.