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Warli House

Tejas Mistry


When tribal art is incorporated in modern living spaces, outstanding patterns are created that revolutionize design.

Warli is a traditional tribe found in northern outskirts of Mumbai. The art of this tribe presents an astoundingly beautiful folk art created by the tribal women.

Taking it as their theme, designers outlined this Surat home. The plan was to carve the whole painting on natural stone and then paste it on the foyer wall depicting it as a tribal welcome. The main door was designed up with M/S rustic plate attached on ply and the connecting wall was made dramatic by fixing bamboo stone over it.

The tree-inspired flooring in the living room has two different coloured tiles. The TV unit wall is made more dramatic by fossil stone and corrugated sheet as juxtaposition. Old school lights are used in ceilings of dining and living area. Random chairs used in dining mark an irregular tribal influence.

The ceiling is simple with surface lights and a single wooden strip connects living room and kitchen. The kitchen is designed with two elements – corrugated sheet and slate stone on the platform wall. The master bedroom is kept simple with Ply + polish on the wardrobe, the chair used as a sider for the bed. The balcony is kept spacious with foldable chairs on the center and a self-made flower pot using protein bottle implanted with green plants.