When First Impressions Matter

Amit Khanolkar


This spacious model apartment for Kalpataru Siddhachal Elite draws a fine line between the sophisticated and the edgy.

DIG Architects’ model apartment for Kalpataru Siddhachal Elite has a clean and contemporary design that a young professional in his/her mid-thirties can easily identify with.

Designing the interior for a model apartment is different from designing one for a specific client. For a client, individualisation is the key. However, when it comes to a model flat, there are multiple stakeholders to cater to, including the builder’s marketing and sales team.

“The architect has to strike a balance between the buyer’s expectations, his own inherent style and the builder team’s design sensibilities. Here, the aim was to create an aspirational value. When a client visits the apartment, it should be compelling enough to nudge him towards a booking,” Amit Khanolkar, one of the principal architects, says.

With this complex dynamic in perspective, DIG Architects, comprising the duo Advait Potnis and Amit Khanolkar, has created a refined space for this 1,600 sq ft flat.

Two dominant factors guide the underlying design of this Kalpataru apartment—the young target audience and the need for it to appear spacious. The linearity, clean lines, refined colour and material palettes all direct towards a contemporary and minimalistic look. Sparingly used wood panelling and liberal use of neutral colours successfully render the spacious look.

The beige marble flooring goes hand-in-hand with the white shades that dominate the walls. “We contrast this by creating focal points through accessories, styling, bed linen or loose furniture, which will then go on to make a signature statement for the house,” Khanolkar says.

The customised wall in the living area has white Aluminium C-sections placed so that it provides a sense of depth. On the other side, a white PU finished console housing the TV unit merges seamlessly into the living room wall plane. The statement wall continues further into the dining area, which has a muted, softer tone with a lavish dose of white.

Connecting the living and the dining spaces with the bedrooms and the kitchen is a passage, designed as a linear space with an understated colour palette.

In the master bedroom, functionality, comfort and intelligent use of space, blend together beautifully to construct a cosy ambience that most people will identify with. Storage spaces are neatly concealed; the sliding mechanism of the wall is hidden behind the pelmet.

“We don’t create island spaces. There has to be a consistency and continuity throughout; the soul of the space has to remain the same,” Khanolkar sums it all up for us.