Eat, Stay, Love

‘The Concord’, designed by ARK Reza Kabul Architects, in Nairobi, boasts of multi-level luxury offerings, brilliant views of a dynamic city, and lots of global culinary delights.


A statement of architectural excellence, ‘The Concord’, designed by architect



Reza Kabul of Mumbai-based ARK Reza Kabul Architects, is an elegant 4-star property in Nairobi, Kenya, featuring the best of convenience, luxury and entertainment. The atmosphere and vibe of the space is modern and luxurious, with hints of traditional African accents creating the ‘wow’ factor.



The two-leveled entrance lobby is a warm and welcoming space draped in hues of beige with Irish brown marble cladding accents. The furniture has been handpicked to reflect the transformation of Nairobi from a sleepy city to a cosmopolitan, dynamic capital of culture in Africa. This design philosophy extends to the unique selection of artifacts, lighting, figurines, and vases. As the local temperatures range between 17-24 degree Celsius through the year, the lobby and public spaces receive ample cross-ventilation. This helps keep the ambient temperature comparatively lower than outside, without air-conditioning, thus also reducing the structure’s carbon footprint.



The 86 rooms, tastefully executed, radiating warmth and sophistication, offer the finest indulgence and lifestyle designed around the guests’ needs and wishes. Offering towering views of the capital city, the colour palette of yellows, browns, and whites offer a simple and relaxed feel to the space. A separate level of rooms has been earmarked solely for female guests who travel by themselves and wish to opt for the facility. The colour palette of these rooms is dominated by shades of fuchsia, brown and white. The top floor features a premium 2-BHK living space for family travelers and executives. A lumber theme runs across the entire space, with cut-wood effect carpets and a blend of local elements complementing the look.



Umami, the oriental restaurant is located on the mezzanine level above the reception area, spreading from the central atrium to the outdoor seating. The electric red coupled with earthy brown theme is a reflection of the oriental culture. The contours in the ceiling and the red-custom ceiling lighting add dynamism to the space. The bar counter breaks the color trend with a blue LED-lit frosted glass accent.



Curry Flavors, the India-themed restaurant, is located on the higher level. It has been designed using vibrant elements such as khatiya seating (cots) with green throw-pillows and blue sofas. There is cross-strip detailing on the ceiling, while indented partition walls provide privacy.



Bonhomie, French for friendliness, is a casual meeting hub located on the ground level featuring rattan furniture and an open ambient feel. The boundary railing of the restaurant is made of bullet-proof glass.



The Oasis Bar is a small cozy alcove with a glass bottom floor. The futuristic backlit bar stools and counters add a new-age feel to the space.



The Concord also comes replete with a fine mix of luxurious amenities including banquet facilities, an aquamarine pool, and spa and health club services.