Persuasively Green

Dean D'Cruz


The motif of a mango leaf has an ubiquitous presence in this charming resort at Goa conceived by Mosaic Design Combine. Presented with the tabula rasa of a bare plot, barring the fait accompli of the three trees which became a challenging starting point for the design, architect Dean D’Cruz decided to construct the building in a curve in order to accommodate them. The mango leaf in particular, is the physical and conceptual anchor for the design. Garnering a flurry of attention, it keeps reappearing like a leitmotif as cut-outs in walls, the mosaic flooring of the pool, below balcony railings, headboards and frameworks of beds, wall lights, and even the sides of chairs and the very canvas used for the seat. In fact, the façade of the building itself sports the leaf shaped cut-outs on its exterior, the peripheral wall, and even the signage for the hotel and two of its restaurants. Executed in different materials and dimensions, singly and in groups, the mango leaf is an all pervading presence. Like a visual tour de force, its omnipresence appears to be the mantra of the design.