Vive La France

Niels Schoenfelder


Le Dupleix is a quaint boutique hotel in the heart of Pondicherry\\\'s old French town, resonating the history of a forgotten epoch. Resembling a French home, this hotel takes you back to another place and time. Restoration is the word du jour, where a large part of the woodwork (perhaps the best example of Indo-French carving) was amassed when Marquis Joseph-Francois Dupleix\\\'s house on old Nehru Street was razed; the wood was subsequently refurbished and re-installed in the hotel - hence the name.

Mancini Enterprises handled the architecture and interiors with elan. The 4-year restoration of the building and façade strictly followed the traditional methods of construction and finishing seen in the 18th century. Eric Locicero and Neils Shonfelder studied old techniques of construction, where high quality hand-craftsmanship took precedent over modern day construction methods. The traditional exterior at Le Dupleix makes a striking contrast to its avant-garde interiors, thus fashioning a unique space mixed with considerable ethnicity and contemporary luxuries. But the pièce de résistance is definitely the custom designed stone courtyard that gives the property its soul.