Design Powerhouse

The ambition and inspirations of this project are staggering, to say the least. Spread over 42 acres, everything about this school can be prefixed with the words ‘state-of-the-art’. This sprawling campus is a kaleidoscope of ideas and forms. This begins right at the gate, which is a 25-foot monster that looks like a sheet of paper straight out of craft class. The beauty of this structure is its mad detours – sometimes it looks like a straitlaced management building, but somewhere a brick wall comes up and takes you by surprise. The stone cobbled lanes and the pruned vegetation gives it the sheen of a luxury resort, but there are also courtyard-like spaces that give you a feel of a rural ensconce.

This diversity in style and treatment within one project cements Archohm’s commitment to constant re-invention. This school’s identity is a combined effect of its segmented buildings and spaces, what with even the classrooms embracing smaller corners for assembly and discussion. Even in the grand play of material and scale here, Sourabh Gupta’s inclusion of lots of space, shapes and greenery points to the site’s deep sensitivity to a student’s needs.