The Design Village

The design is conceived as a global hub that educates, promotes and supports development through design, the interdisciplinary institute with a focus on design and practice.

As one enters, one is greeted by a sunken amphitheater. The zone is surrounded by interesting trees and shrubs, natural materials, benches and steps. The step-well stone masonry structure embraces a set of guest rooms.

A sedan is mounted vertically on the wall atop the stage of the amphitheater. The headlights of the car installed as a sculpture interestingly light up the space. The car was relieved of its engine and put high up on the concrete wall. A temporary bamboo food basket is perched in a corner. The open reception area adds transparency to the space and enables a quick visual connect with the studio spaces. A linear waiting area across the reception overlooks a live size tag board. The glass door of the waiting space is divided by glass walls doubling up as writing surfaces.

There are workshop areas, studio spaces, workstations, faculty rooms, lecture rooms, an unusual bay library and a 15 feet long blackboard. The main learning studio takes the north face, and is housed in an economical RCC framed structure.

Exposed concrete ceilings and columns lend an interesting work-in-progress aesthetic to these creation spaces. Felt has been used in tag-boards in workstations as well as in the library to make soft wall storages creating an envelope to hold various magazines and books in place utilizing the space. A rustic flavour has been created by Indian cane stools and rope beds. The library is housed in the horizontal front face. Each shelf is ceiling mounted with an LED at its base.

The grounded materiality of the spaces, accented with bright colored surfaces, space saving solutions, all facilitate freedom of expression and enables one to lead a life through design- the ethos of the design school.