Eco-sensitising Design

For architect Sandeep Virmani, shiny tall glass buildings don’t express as much as green buildings do. By exploiting the natural resources and talents of the locales, he is building a strong base for greener, cleaner and stronger architecture. The Khamir Craft Park at Kukma, Ahmedabad for instance is a campus that facilitates the handicraft artisans in Kutch with designs, technology and marketing support. The area is a meeting point for all artisans new and old. The building has been built by Hunnar Shaala Foundation organically, putting together independent buildings that make interlocking courts and streets.
The materials are a combination of random stone, earth and lime technologies. The roof is covered with country and Mangalore tiles, while the walls are made of rammed earth, wattle and daub and recycled china clay waste bricks. The doors and windows are made of local wood with metal work and carved by locals. Increasing the green score of the project, it also has a unit which collects the rain run-off from the roof to meet the water needs for the campus.