An Investment In Knowledge

Samuel Barclay


The Avasara Academy derives its structural qualities from itssurrounding valley, and is thus a free-flowing, spacious campus.

Mumbai-based Case Design is a purveyor of all things simple. The firm’sprojects carry the unmistakable air of an efficient rejection of frills, butmake no mistake, that is not merely the focus. As it often is, this simplicityis a result of hard work and sustained efforts at incorporating layers ofmeaning and utilitarian solidity under the skin. 

The team from Case Design took to heart the concept of providing anenvironment conducive for studies, and this naturally had to include lots offree-flowing spaces. The Avasara Academy, located in the valley of Lavale inMaharashtra, has a two-pointer charm offensive - a carefully selected mix ofmaterial textures, and an inter-connected layout that almost makes your headspin, but in a great way! The former perfectly complements the site’s rockyagrarian surroundings. 

The latter, understandably, has been created with a hearty expectationof lots of movement and therefore the need for several spaces for students togather in.

It is these two facets which link together to define the uniqueness ofthis decidedly simple building. There is comforting familiarity in thelow-frill walls and the traditional mosaic tiles. 

The classrooms and reading rooms go back to the basics, with the openshelving, wide windows, and simple furniture layouts creating an environment ofreliable efficiency. The team refers to “an informal series of walkways,courtyards, gardens and terraces” in the structure, as an idea inspired bycountless educational institutions’ building design. 

The young female students of this academy willfind plenty of tables and charpoys and open spaces to not only study but alsoruminate on their future. The 4.3-acre swath is part of the ‘Knowledge City’township, and like a young mind keen to take on information and experiences,this project too waits to be filled with the chatter and creative expression ofits residents.