Nimaaya Women’s Centre for Health

Hardik Shah


This project was tricky, so the Studio Lagom team went with their most cherished design approach – build a place that is as home-like as possible. This women’s health centre can be a spot of intense emotions, what with expectant mothers and couples exploring IVF options experiencing some of their most intimate life moments here. The design team was extremely sensitive to these needs and has strived to create a comforting environment. Light blue, pista green and greys dominate the first two levels of this centre that will ultimately occupy the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of a building. Helping along are the wide windows that offer views of the cityscape, making the space look open and airy. Efforts have been made to make it a space that is fresh and not heavy with the smell of antiseptic. 

The 3rd floor will host the OPD section and reception spaces while the 4th floor will be occupied by patient rooms. The terrace floor has been primed for admin use and for IVF-related areas. This spread establishes an upward gradation of privacy, with the presence of muted colours and warm lighting as constants. Veneer and wood, browns and blacks, and features made of brass and bronze dot the design scheme. And the place has no interest in being bland either. “We wanted the ceiling and walls to be the canvas, so we didn’t rely much on framed art,” states Hardik Shah, principal architect of Studio Lagom. “Art is usually not a priority in such a place, but we wanted it to be so.” Good call we think!