Styling Excellence

Rahul Bansal And Amit Aurora


A proactive approach to sustainable design is demonstrated in this project through water efficiency and energy consumption along with innovation in design.

The design is oriented towards a very effective zoning so as to maximize the influx of natural light as deep as possible into the Academy through Daylights sensors to ensure optimum LUX levels for the comfort of the students. With doors opening into a spillover area -the studios are defined by a series of sliding and folding partitions made in glass that help in augmenting the visual connection and ensuring that natural light permeates deep into the central space.

The moveable wall system is designed in order to maximize space utilization. The partitions can create a unified space which caters to a stage and seating for about 150 professionals. The adjoining areas fulfill the need for ancillary activities, such as the training room on the left that gets converted into the green room with a direct access to the restrooms. The extensive use of mirror on the ceiling and the vertical surfaces of the transition zone create a larger manifestation of the space. The wave pattern made of the DuPont solid acrylics added the much needed character and oomph to the event hall with the Led lights beaming through these waves. The Vinyl flooring with the look of warm cement concrete together with the engineered wooden flooring also reciprocated to get the whole desired look.

A cohesive approach to sustainability is adopted where all the parameters of the Platinum LEED Certification are met efficiently in the areas of Construction Management, Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Water Efficiency etc. Maximum lighting is ensured with minimum energy consumption. Besides, 10.8% of the total building materials, by value, have been manufactured using recycled materials. Energy use is reduced in connected lighting power density. Fundamental refrigerant management ensured that there are no CFC-based refrigerants in the new HVAC systems. Indoor Air Quality Performance is also maintained here. Use of Low-Emitting Materials-Adhesives, Paints and Coatings, Flooring Systems, Composite Wood and Agrifiber products further added to the sustainability. The project is also pursuing an Exemplary Performance in terms of thermal Comfort-Design.