Vernacular Ethos

Gayathri Shetty and Namith Verma


A perfume factory designed by Gayathri & Namith Architects illustrates the firm’s ethos of incorporating vernacular architectural elements in various building types. The client, Mr. Vijay Kumar, a lover of Indian architectural heritage and a connoisseur of Indian dance, music and arts, envisaged an office and factory that would blend into the surroundings it was set in - a verdant 14 acre farm in the rural outskirts of South Bangalore - while combining the requirements for a worker friendly atmosphere. Translating the brief to accommodate the administration offices, laboratories, a conference room along with the factory production areas, GNA conceptualised the building as an amalgamation of seeming contradictions - modernity of a factory with the traditionalism of the vernacular building, of tightly designed production lines with a worker-friendly atmosphere, of pollution and eco-friendliness – of the past and the future.