Work Of Art

Namrataa Shetty and Neil Cresto


This office space designed by Namah Design Studio is the ideal example of functional design. 

The budding entrepreneurs in the field of Android application training, Mr. Mohnish vasihnav & Mr. Mehul Prajapati, contacted Ms. Namrataa Shetty & Mr. Neil Cresto of Namah Design Studio, with a bare shell office space which was to be converted into their dream institute. Namah ‘s Concept was to design a very modern, welcoming open office look with a casual ambience with a flexibility to transform itself from a formal working environment to an informal learning environment and this concept was implemented with the help of various types of seating arrangements, unusual & atypical partitions separating the seating without affecting the essence of the space. 

As per the client’s brief, Namah has tried to implement maximum seating possible in the training rooms as well as in the open area, without having cluttered the place. Each seating in the open area has its own significance and functionality; giving the 800 sq. ft. office a larger feel.

The colour pallets chosen is essentially vibrant to bring in the desired quirky, youthful look in the space. From the neon colors on the conduits creating a contrast on the black ceiling to the attractive red on the vintage phone booth resembling door, every element has its peculiarity, which adds to the energetic color pallet of the space. The very busy & monochrome cityscape graphic on the largest wall has been chosen to balance out the colour burst in the open area.