50mm Photography Studio

Hardik Shah


At this office, the resident team’s creative language is on full display. Frames of their work are on the lead-up wall, the logo is etched on the door, and once in, one is treated to a white-and-black colour scheme that instantly reveals the broody magic of photo studios. A ‘Pixel Wall’, composed of 20,000 individual Deodar wooden, grey matte-finished rectangular blocks of lengths varying from 1 ½ inches – 9inches, establishes the visual grid from which some other elements flow out. 

A ceiling-mounted sliding glass wall serves as a partition between the main designers and the rest of the media team. Near unbroken connection and an inside-outside feel are important elements of the architecture team’s plan for any space and this studio is no different. To make a creative studio capable of supporting discussions, hosting new and old clients, holding screenings and talks, and of igniting ideas is no mean task, and the trick that works in this linear swathe is of breaking any sameness with quirky props. Case in point is the low, MDF white matte finished table in the discussion zone that sports an artful crack and holds together multi-purpose seating furniture pieces. 

A pivoted dual use partition wall at the services corner can be used as a projector screen while the other side can become a photo-shoot background. The Studio Lagom team was also inspired to add their own abstract detail to the layout. The whole main shelfing is “a white continuous element that represents the strap of the camera the photographer holds.”Another stroke of visual brilliance right there!