A Diamond In The Cap

Nainesh Jain Designs took up the task of constructing a dynamic office for Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai. A simple geometric design is utilised and repeated throughout the area - on the walls, partitions and the desk. This adds interest to the otherwise bare space without being over the top.
The very classic white-black-brown colour combination with splashes of grey where required, lends the area just the subtle elegance it demands. The main cabin is a spacious area, reflective of the luxurious sophistication that one would associate a diamond office with. The design ensured maximum natural light penetration - as this is invaluable for diamond evaluation - in as much of the area as possible. In addition, the light fixtures used by Nainesh Jain all through the space are custom made. They all have non-reflective mirrors and work with LED bulbs. They have been constructed using only three colour options, black, white or brown and thus complement the colour palette well.