Ahead Of The Curve

Aatira Zacharias And Bhyrav B.R.


An imaginative curved wall turns an open-plan office into a well-partitioned space that accommodates both the formal and informal. 1Leaping Frog Studio embraced the concept of the office as a welcoming, creative and comfortable area while designing the office interiors of CVC Network, an international media company based in Bangalore. It was essential to offer the employees an environment where they felt inspired to create hence the ideation zone is located at the north end of the office where natural light stimulates creative discussion whereas utility areas are located in the western corner where sunlight is blocked out by a wall. The workspace flows seamlessly into the breakout spaces where employees can refresh themselves in between intense work sessions. The curved wall brings much-needed privacy to an open-plan format and introduces an element of intrigue and suspense to visitors who walk around its bend. As the wall gradually reveals the office’s interiors it also brings to the fore Aatira Zacharias and Bhyrav B.R’s exploration of spatial concepts. The warm, easy-going charm of the place can also be attributed in part to a balanced mix of informal and formal materials.