Back To The Future

Kamal Malik And Arjun Malik


Malik Architecture’s design for this Delhi based office responds ably to the key requirements of space. For this project the concept of an internal street and courts was developed. Monolithic blocks were sculpted to house the workstations of each group. Each of these islands was designed based on its location along the ‘street’. The layout has also imbibed the client’s requirement of enabling discussion while affording privacy. The blocks are placed such that each team has an internal courtyard-like space to itself, a space that promotes discussion and interaction within the team. Every block also has what was termed by the design team as the ‘street face’. Sculpture, art and books find space in the street facade and infuse colour accents into the otherwise stark colour palette. The ceiling height in the space was found to be restricted, limiting the flow of natural light into the area. To counter these limitations architect Arjun Malik established a monochromatic vocabulary that would help expand and unify the perception of space, a homogeneous yet differentiated syntax. White is the hero in this office’s colour scheme, set off by the grey tone of the floor.