Breaking The Monotony

Nikhil Juvekar


Studio Nikhil Juvekar, designs an office space in its trademark, warm and welcoming Indian contemporary style and in the process, redefines the concept of a typical workplace. Architect Nikhil Juvekar wanted to bring a sense of freedom into the spatial design. There are no partitioned workstations here, but individual spaces that encourage dialogue and interaction amongst the staff. An open plan also ensured an added sense of spaciousness to the small heighted expanse.
Using a material composition of raw wood, plywood slants and semi opaque glass, the screens were designed with the definite aim of minimising their visual solidity. Wanting a material that would neither dominate the ambience nor go unnoticed in the composition, natural Indian stone was selected.
Another advantage of the stone flooring is that it has a cooling effect on the internal atmosphere. This helps, especially in the warm climate of Mumbai. An important feature is the use of materials in their natural and raw form. The flaws and imperfections of the material palette, come together to create a beautiful composition that is unique and cannot be duplicated.