Caged In

Sameer Raut And Siddhesh Kadam


Lines 0079 is a homage to Dali. Going by what’s occupying the rest of the space in this office of a graphic design firm, Umbrella Design, at Kamala Mills, Mumbai, this particular project had to be quirky; to say the least.
Studio 8:23 was commissioned to build a partition wall that would enclose the firm’s director’s cubicle – the one which faces a shiny, life-size replica of a cow whose udders are connected by colourful pipes to something on the lower floor; and a squeaky clean glass facade.
How did Sameer Raut and Siddhesh Kadam up the ante of design here? They stacked up 53 layers of manually cut, white plywood pieces with translucent acrylic as filling, and bolted them together to form a door/wall that resembles the rib cage of a prehistoric animal. This undulating shell of a partition wall keeps the cubicle secluded, thus serving the primary requirement, but at the same time also looks (almost) incongruous. The designers say that they wanted to build something that could “take on the form of an art piece”.