Celestial Designs

Vistasp Bhagwagar


Inspiration: a sci-fi movie full of UFOs floating in midair, a painter’s studio sporting colourful walls or a chic interior design in a minimalist yet innovative style. Call it any or all of this, AVA Studio’s Architect Vistasp Bhagwagar’s design for a realty office has the term contemporary written all over it. But taking a leaf from the book of modernism, the office of RRPL in Delhi reinterprets working space with a fresh outlook. As per the client’s request, the layout of the rooms was made according to Vastu Shastra principles. Bhagwagar describes the workstation area as ‘new age interiors’ using ‘desking system of modular furniture’. All the workstations are built to resemble a communal area with stress on working together. The design enables easy interaction between employees as well as transparency in work. Each workstation is also accommodating of the growing needs of an employee for space and comfort. Moreover, the entire area is one compact space.