Design Docks

Kalpak Bhandari


Veekas Architectural Studio has a new office in Pune, and it is built to symbolise the firm’s inclusive, detail-minded, and highly ambitious approach to design and architecture. 

Veekas Studio’s new office in Pune reflects the firm’s design philosophy in terms of materials, style and planning principles. The 4,200 sq. ft. office is situated on the ground floor of Eco Tower, which is a larger commercial building designed by the studio.

Vikas and Kalpak Bhandari, the principal architects of Veekas Studios, shifted their office to this new location to accommodate their growing workforce and to give the team more space to work out of. “One of the biggest perks of the new space is its 14 ft. high ceiling, which is rare for offices in Pune,” says Kalpak Bhandari.

The open layout of the office represents the transparency within the organisation and its intricately planned design signifies the firm’s attention to detail. “As a firm, we prefer to communicate openly and verbally. We have translated this in the office design with a bare ceiling and exposed services, limited cabins, an open studio, minimal decor accessories and the absence of concealed areas. There is a good mix of simple and sophisticated finished materials,” explains Bhandari.

The entry to the office is a towering Corten steel door, which stands 12 ft. tall. Primarily designed in black and brown, the reception area has the optimum amount of furniture and accessories. “The highlight in the waiting area is a ‘Thinker’s statue’ seated on one of the chairs, which brings an element of surprise for new visitors. We change its position quite often, which leaves repeat visitors bewildered too,” adds Bhandari.

The lobby is partially screened from the executive lounge by a hanging metal framework dotted with planters. Since the shelf is suspended, its presence does not break the continuity of the flooring, which is done up in Kadappa stone and a ceramic black tile mosaic. Behind this frame is the lounge that leads to 3 cabins, a large conference room and the work studio for the staff.

“Our old office had very few windows and no privacy on the ground level, resulting in a dearth of natural light. So in this new space, we have made accommodations for wide windows, good ventilation and green potted plants, making it look bright and airy. We have even added a small water body in a green patch outside the office windows for a refreshing view,” states Bhandari.