Hanging Drum Lights

Buy handmade hanging Drum Lights made in banana fibre paper, dyed and woven on a handloom.

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Elegance Understated

Mamta Naik


Mamta Naik, principal architect at Mint Leaf Designs brought her love for preserving height to her work for a sprawling 3000 square feet office in Mumbai. The new false ceiling is minimal and has been designed in a way that highlights the original fan shaped tops of the pillar columns. Removing the old false ceiling did much more to the area than merely increase the height of the room; it enabled the original design of the numerous columns to be exposed. It gave a sense of proportion to the area. Since the office belongs to a client who is in the business of iron ore mining, some elements of the design use metal. Metallic wall papers and delicate metal screens find their way here. The furniture is also metallic. By using subdued palettes, a high ceiling and clear glass Mamta Naik has managed to retain the sense of spaciousness and volume.