Harley Hits The Indian Roads

Sonali And Manit Rastogi


Morphogenesis’ design of the flagship Harley Davidson office in Gurgaon performs the balancing act between the ‘globalness’ of the brand and the ‘localness’ of its presence in India. Designer Sonali Rastogi came up with an overall concept that was minimalist and modern and represented the brand identity and work ethos of the company. The office has been designed as a single and unified space, some compact enclosures have been incorporated but in a manner that allows them to be opened up and transformed into gathering spaces. Actual handles of Harley bikes as bathroom handles, rear-view mirrors to display signage, the table in the pantry that resembles the side stands of a bike – are all inspired from motorcycles. Orange, black and grey dominate the office colour palette, just like Harley Davidson’s iconic colour scheme. One of the most interesting elements in the design is the very Indian perforated jali that has been used wherever it is required to separate spaces within the office. The shapes of the perforations have been derived from the globally-recognised Harley shield.