Infinite Creativity

Varsha And Deepak Guggari


An enigmatic blend of rustic and urban, the VDGA studio designed by Varsha and Deepak Guggari is a space where people and creativity are neither confined within glass cubicles, nor walled premises. An architectural studio is one place where creativity and ideas flow freely. In order to give an unbridled expression to the imaginations and creativity of the team the office space is left almost wall-free. It’s a dream come true to be able to work in a space that not only inspires and motivates but is liberating as well. Located in Pune, VDGA Studio exemplifies just such a creative work space.
The uninspiring and dirty building was dramatically converted into a visual delight by ushering in plenty of greenery and accentuating it with statement pieces and artefacts collected during various travels. The collection includes traditional hand-picks from Cochin and Bali. Almost the entire periphery of the office was dotted with surprise elements that make for charming décor. The design approach was simple: from total surprise to the absolutely predictable; in a hope that the predictable becomes a surprise by itself.