Let The Office Be Illuminated

From a huge reception area, to separate cubicles and balconies, this Beyond Design’s designs are glowing bright.

With rapidly growing business and offices scattered across an industrial estate, the client wanted to build a single corporate office. The office in Pune with 30,000 sq ft carpet area was built for the client who are in the business of LED lights.

An under-construction building was identified, which had two basements and a ground and five upper floors. It also had several balconies.

When Beyond Design got to the drawing board, they just had a bare concrete shell in hand with no walls, windows or façade. Hence the challenge was to come up with a design that would intrigue and engage a visitor from outside to the interiors. It also had to portray the corporate image of the company and be functional and flexible enough for future growth.

 The client wanted it to be a corporate house with everyone under one roof. They have a large influx of visitors for both top and mid management meetings. Various departments segregated with access controlled spaces was another requirement.

The ground floor was transformed into a large reception area, and can take care of 25 visitors at a time. The entire length of the reception is fully glazed and without any blinds from inside. A large reception desk flanked by two meeting rooms on either side, makes sure there is no chaos, even at peak hours. This floor also has a large indoor and an attached outdoor cafeteria for guests and employees.

The five upper floors have a been divided into various departments, each having it’s own meeting rooms, cabins, cubicles and work stations. The first, third and fifth floors have attached terraces. The terraces of the third and fifth floors are attached terrace lounges for the Managing Director and the Chairman respectively.

The top terrace of the building is envisaged to be a multi-function lounge where “all hands meet” or top management meetings can happen. Two basement floors are primarily used as parking spaces.

The design is based on bold elements and colours running across right from exterior to interiors. Blending with nature has also been kept in mind while designing.

To make the structure stand out amidst the urban jungle, a distinctive bold façade was built. A veneer design composite panel was used in conjunction with a white perforated panel to make the feature stand out. This white panel is lit with colour changing LEDs.