A Molecular Collaborative

Amita Kulkarni And Vikrant Tike


By turning a 120 square meter plot in the heart of Mumbai, into a spacious office for a leading healthcare brand, London and Mumbai based SAV Architecture + Design answer the question by proving once again that design is not about a whim or indulgence but something that leaves a strong impact even in the simplest of frames. 

The combination of ordinary beauty, elegant tactility, experiential sublimity and meticulous efficiency is what gives the said project a defining edge. The signature aesthetic that one witnesses in the smart and modern enclosure of Unilab Pharma’s office is raw yet refined. 

Keeping the open-office concept intact, the design team has very cleverly installed walls in an open space to create a series of rooms and common areas. The project uses a surreal palette of grey, brown and green along with an amalgamation of geometric hexagons and graphic lines as it creates a visual of natural and rich textures. 

A space becomes personal when it reiterates a story. The creative brains have seconded this notion. Inspired by the form of chemical compositions, the architectural team has conceptualised the lighting, furniture and floor patterns in the office, showcasing the different formulae that the company uses in making its products. The team says, “Our clients who are well travelled and trade across the world were keen to have both an office with a modern and international feel as well as a calm working oasis within the chaotic Mumbai context.” Keeping this in mind they requested for a design plan that brings a contemporary and fresh feel to the interiors. 

With custom designed desks, the director spaces have minimal furniture crafted entirely out of teakwood. Hans J. Wegner Shell Chairs and a minimal sofa with inbuilt side tables constitute the informal sitting in the two rooms. 
Passion alone doesn’t drive extraordinary achievements; it has to be backed by dedication to leave a mark. “Made with a mix of traditional carpentry and new computational technologies, the design emanates an understated, bright and stylish feel,” says the team. To summarise, it is all about a dynamic and chic interior design, made possible by collective imagination!