More Than Just an Office Space

Pooja Bihani


The warm colour scheme of the office has been derived from the name ‘Sunrise’. The space is bright and cheerful—a break from the boring corporate offices.

This 8,500 sqft office is spacious and provides a modern, stylish and comfortable work environment to its users. The project is conceptualised on a theme of warm colour tones that is derived from its name” Sunrise” and its literal meaning.

The highlight of the space and the project is the central arena, as soon as one enters in the office, which has artificial grass on the floor and wooden posts at its periphery and not to mention comfortable and lounge chairs. The idea was to provide a soothing and completely out of the box area in the middle of the office where one could take a break over a cup of coffee or meet the visitors-a more refreshing option than sitting in those regular and boring chambers.

The large board room for 20 board members is grand in proportion and yet provides a rustic brick wall backdrop on one wall over highly finished veneers and wallpapers on other walls.  The large rooms for the directors have a breathtaking view of the water bodies; typical in the Salt Lake of Kolkata. State of the art automation and details in these rooms are truly luxurious and completely worthwhile for increasing the efficiency of the users.

Right integration of exposed and high finished ceilings, rustic brick and high glass 3D panel walls, glass and veneer panelling, wooden and cemented tiles, give this project a unique identity and appeal that looks perfect for the user’s work environment.

Spaces & Design, started by Pooja Bihani in 2006, is an established interior and architecture firm. The design mantra of the company is to “constantly innovate”. It has created a diverse portfolio in residential, commercial and lifestyle interiors and architecture. The firm has designed around 1,60,000 sqft area and counting. It is not limited to the city of Kolkata but has executed projects in Bangalore, Pune and Odisha as well.

The purpose of Spaces & Design is to create environs that epitomize harmony, aesthetics, and optimum functionality; enriching the life of the user in his habitat.