An Office With An Accent

Sameer Balvally And Shilpa Jain Balvally


The Ambuja Intermediates Office in Mumbai has been patterned with statement design elements that induce a remarkable visual impact on everyone.

This office is luminous, and exists in surprising contrast to what one would expect the work station of a dyes and dye intermediates-making company to look like. The client asked for a Vaastu-compliant and budget-respecting office design that also made a distinct visual impact on everyone.

 The Studio Osmosis team wrapped these basics around an uncluttered seating scheme and a palette inspired by the company’s sustainable practices and reputation for precision. To save the space from straining under corporate stiffness, the team has peppered the swathe with statement elements – like, a lovely patterned wall to backdrop an unexpectedly casual sitting space near the entrance; an artificial green wall in the MD’s cabin; lovely show-pieces like brass art pieces, wall masks, and an almost art-popish rug; scattered hexagonal wood wool panel wall detailing in the private lounge; and a highlight wall featuring an array of test tubes affixed as plant-holders. These add whimsy, yes, but they also hold the more utilitarian parts of the office together in a happy embrace. At the centre here is the executive cabin cluster cube, standing flushed with light cutting through the coloured film coating of its glass divisions.

The general feel of the 3,500 sq. ft. space remains open and interconnected, thanks in part to the team’s continued romance with simple white work surfaces that square off with wood; uncomplicated and consistent floor claddings; and open ceilings. It is an office where the formal and informal balance each other off and that always is good news for work efficiency!