Officially Speaking

Kunal Barve


Architect Kunal Barve’s contemporary office in Mumbai is a showcase of the designer’s keen eye for detail, his love of art and his ingenuity. The office of Barve’s firm, Interface offers a glimpse into the place where his architectural visions take shape.
The office is a handy reference of Barve’s design sensibilities, as well as a medium to showcase design ideas that may be hard to explain. The office’s compact space accommodates a tightly-knit group of eight persons, offering them sufficient room to ideate, work or mingle. Sticking to a monochromatic colour scheme, the architect has played around with different textures and materials to disrupt workspace monotony. The office is also a great example of how cement and Cudappa, both unusual choices for office flooring, can still work up a professional atmosphere when polished well.