Old World Charm

Suresh Mistry And Meghna Shetty


Located in a century-old bakery in Byculla, in South-Central Mumbai the corporate office of Mocha, with its almost monolithic character gives the impression of an age-old structure made from one big rock. The challenge was to build a working space that exuded a dark character which was rustic and rugged. The effect has been successfully achieved by a judicious mix of raw concrete and a blend of dark veneer with clear glass, along with restoring certain key design elements and features. The office is designed by Mumbai-based architects, Suresh Mistry and Meghna Shetty of SM Design Studio. As per the requirements of the client, SM Design Studio worked towards re-building the bakery but without losing the original feel of the location. As a result, the Mocha corporate office is made up of a series of 8\' x 7\' cabins on one side and a cluster of work stations on the other which includes a 3\'6\" wide aisle that divides the basic layout of the office. Customised lights with a yellow hue add to the subdued mood of the place complimenting the ambience."