An Open Work Space

Curated with an aim to create an office with no barriers, no cabins or hierarchy in a workspace, the space ensures complete transparency between the working pupils and the clients.

The space, on the ground floor is rectangular in shape, with only one of the shorter sides at the external face of the building. A courtyard in the middle of the space divides the office into two zones, the entrance zone with a visitor’s lounge and a collaboration area followed with the work zone.

Designed as a space that encourages relentless hard work, diligence, harmony and transparency, a comfortable lounge awaits the visitors at the entrance with an entire wall dedicated to the latest happenings or events of the company. What’s striking about the wall is that it enumerates a story of EL+D Architecture journey in the form of small tiles.

Across the length of the studio runs a library set inside an exposed brick wall. The books are suspended using an old fold-stitch strap and a U-pin such that the front cover is always on display. Adjacent to the visitor’s lounge, and clearly visible from the outside, is an open collaboration space, put together with products, discarded from use for the purpose for which they were made.

In the middle of the studio, village like ambience was created with rural touches of pebble bed, exposed brick back drop and a few hundred earth matki pots suspended upside down from the ceiling with one watt. A metal planter extending out from both sides of the glass, earthen matkis as lighting, jute cots, board formed concrete walls, long and thin bricks procured specially from the villages of Andhra, intricate yet modern version of a Jalli cut out on a steel sheet, light installation and our story wall. From using locally available kadappa stone flooring and bricks, industrial waste for creating decorative installations, recyclable materials such as metal sheets and clay, pebble bed flooring from discarded stones, to energy efficient lighting, working with sustainable materials was their highest priority while building this project.