Disha Bhavsar & Shivani Ajmera


Quirk Studio, a Mumbai-based design firm has created a delightfully eclectic office space for a wedding photography business.

Wedding Nama, a professional wedding photography company is the brainchild of two best friends. And it is their mutual passion for art, love, travel, stories and adventures that they wanted to reflect in their office space. “The brief from the client duo was to design a space that truly represented their inherent creative style,” say Disha and Shivani. 

From the brief given to them, Quirk Studio decided to play along with the space without interfering with the original layout and the openness of it. “We intuitively chose an eclectic style for the space,” say Disha and Shivani as they expound on how they went about capturing various moods in order to give a distinct and singular look and feel to every different area of the space. “It is surrounded by an all-encompassing step-out terrace, allowing lots of natural light in,” they add.

One step into the Wedding Nama office and you know you’ve stepped into a world inspired by art, poetry, film and a respect for the minutest details. 

“The office has an open workspace with a brainstorming section, a main cabin, and a fun pantry,” add Disha and Shivani. The editing room is yet another interesting nook with quirky light fixtures and illustrations on two walls – our favourite is the wall with photographs strung together in eight lines with a simple quote ‘We shoot love stories’ written across. 

“The seamless layout allows the clients of Wedding Nama to come into the space, understand their style, see their display of work and make for a great client experience,” explain Disha and Shivani. For a wedding photography business, their clients, predominantly the bride and the groom, bring their own set of requirements, ideas and wish-lists. 

In the space developed by Quirk Studio, which is a sublime integration of the Wedding Nama team’s personal and professional passions, the decision-making time is reduced considerably, because the customers know what they’re in for the moment they walk into the office. And more often than not, it is exactly what they want.