Structural Synergy

Kamal Malik And Arjun Malik


The Mathrubhumi Television Studio, located in Thiruvananthapuram and created by Malik Architecture is angular, trendy and strikingly edgy. In this contemporary office, aesthetic brilliance comes to the fore through structural explorations. The design team that included Arjun Malik, Mahesh Suthar and Ketan Seta, moulded the 30,000 sq. ft. space in such a way that its visual vocabulary speaks of clean powerful lines, a minimalistic approach and a calming neutral backdrop suffused with ample light.
Malik Architecture has given this television studio a space that defines its history and future. There are hexagonal lights that appear futuristic, angular walls and inclined translucent extensions, colourful wall art expressing various moments in the evolution of paper; all put onto a canvas that is a balance of design dominated through a structural approach and not a well-orchestrated piece of architecture merely following a trend.