Subtle Hues

Shalini Pereira And Anubhuti Mewara


The office space for SPDA is a contemporary studio with a pop of colour that makes the space lively.

With their core design principle being ‘Less is more’, Shalini Pereira, the founder of SPDA, has cleverly converted two matchbox size areas into their office space to encourage creativity. This design was executed within just a two week time frame and a stringent budget representing their core design aesthetic aptly.

Through her design, Shalini has tried to capture their design ideology and reflect it into the space. Leaning away from the typical ‘bling’ style design, she has come up with a contemporary and rather restrained design aesthetic which she refers to as ‘casual elegance’. The space has elements that boost creativity and encourage the team to express themselves, and at the same time not appearing over the top.

Grey, a contemporary colour has been used as the base colour to emphasise the modern style of design while small bursts of turquoise and yellow have been added to increase energy. The 14 feet high ceiling creates an interesting volume to the otherwise minimalist space.