Touch Wood

Simone Dubash


While designing a Mumbai-based office, belonging to a jeweller, Simone Dubash Interior decided to stay clear of any clichés. The facade of the building in which the office is housed, resembles that of an old Mughal palace with its arched doorway and sleeper wood steps. Since the structure itself was so beautiful, they merely enhanced the space. Throughout the showroom and office, the doors and windows have uniform wooden frames, checkered wrought iron grills and sheer curtains, lending the space a very ‘un-showroom’ like feel, where the emphasis is on subtle display of jewellery rather than an in-your-face exhibition. Since the client did not want traditional showcases to display his jewellery, Simone Dubash has used chests with old wrought iron hinges and glass fronts. A crystal chandelier provides light, while several halogens focus attention only on specific areas, where the jewellery is on display. Disparate pieces of furniture, made to order, have been put together. Throughout the showroom and the office, attention has been paid to elaborate detailing; there is an interesting mix of chests, some small, some big, some with plain shutters and others with ribbed ones.