Transforming Spaces

Minnie Bhatt


The Jalaram Timber showroom in Mumbai has a subtle industrial ambiance to complement the products on display.

The brief from the client, Jalaram Timber, was simple. The space had to visually echo the ethos of the brand and its emphasis on quality and showcase the range of veneers.

As the product was the hero, and the space was originally a warehouse, the space had to have a subtle industrial personality. Finishing materials such as exposed red bricks, unpolished limestone flooring, cement sheet ceilings and IPS flooring were chosen as a conducive backdrop to the vast range of veneers to be displayed.

The entire layout of the space was redesigned as per Vastu Shastra. The entrance of the establishment was designed with cement sheet wall panelling. A wooden art installation complemented the filament bulbs dropping down from the double height roof of the entrance lobby.

The space needed a contemporary appearance, yet adhere to the legacy of the brand. A new reception/sales counter with a backdrop of the various products was created. The images of these products were printed on a light veneer board. The passage wall was finished in red bricks with glass slots giving the client a peek into the showroom space.

The seemingly suspended display racks were created with black metal. A separate section for the live tree veneers, which are nearly 10-12ft in height, was built. Decorative timber samples were displayed on removable large bolts jutting out of the wall.

As the variety stocked in the showroom is vast, display cabinets with trays to hold the maximum number of samples possible were made. A section was created to display the wooden flooring retailed by Jalaram. The flooring of this section is poured cement and the ceiling is created in cement sheets.

The proprietor’s cabin has two doors, one leading to the showroom and the other to the staff area. There is a red brick wall behind the desk, and a standalone library unit in red oak wood. A Buddha statue was placed above this to complete the look.

The desk top is a walnut veneer held on one end with a natural mahogany wood log. The flooring is engineered parquet wood. The space originally had no sunlight coming in, so cubic windows with sloped cills were created to allow natural light to enter.