Uncontained Expression

Smruti Kamat And Lester Rizario


This project is an interesting take on the general concept of spaces itself. Here, ‘rooms’ have been imagined to be monolithic, independent coves that are cut off from the surroundings. They have distinct personalities and flaunt a quirky fashion sense. They also become totems of rebellion, standing unfazed bang in the middle of a more conventionally functional room.
Designed by Kamat & Rozario Architecture for White Canvas, an independent advertising agency based in Bengaluru, the idea was admittedly inspired by Absolut Vodka’s ‘Absolut Blank’ campaign. This cue led designers Smruti Kamat and Lester Rozario to think of the meeting and ideating spaces they were building as blank canvasses instead of enclosures between walls. So they became “containers” here, with unique artistic walls in each. Each container has its own personality depending upon its user and program. Wooden block boards and slag from the carpentry work were employed to form one unfinished sweep of a surface in these containers. The tone of this project is edgy and impetuous, which is a palpable risk to take in an office scheme.