Work and Play

Vishal Shah And Vishal Desai


Aangan Architects has designed this office space in Surat as a representation of the owner’s work-ethic, and as a meeting point of work, introspection, and fun.

The design of this office (‘Maitri’) located on the top floor of a low-rise office building at a dense development zone in Surat, Gujarat, gets the benefit of two floors. The lower floor is the office area and the upper floor is to be used mainly for meetings, resting and socialising that can extend on to the open terrace as well.

“The design revolves around the central idea of ‘Work spaces are the New Homes’, as a lot of time is spent in the office space and it need not be just work, work, and work. It is also about a let-out of a lot of discussion, debate and free time,” states the team from Surat–based Aangan Architects.

The design scheme tries to conjure up an image of the work-ethic espoused by the owner. It is reflected in the refined material palette of the office which includes furniture made using plywood, partitions formed out of stacked cement sheets, and a green kota stone flooring. The minimal furniture placed around the office allows for a lot of space to be perceived by the users.

The exposed concrete ceiling is lined with copper pipe LED lighting fixtures - along with the hanging lighting fixtures that act as sculptures in space, this minimal look imparts grandeur to the space. The natural light is also well-received in the interiors and due importance has been given to the same in the design of internal spaces as well. “Natural light plays a major role in the selection of the material palette and it has been taken as a major component of the functional design of this office space as well,” states the team.