Workplace Philosophy

Neesha Alwani And Shruti Jalan


Modern design connotes the opening up of spaces to include more diverse meanings instead of the erstwhile closeted features of uni-dimensional spaces. Architects Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan of N+S Architects have used this modern aspect of design favourably to highlight the multi-dimensional nature of an office. Commanding 1650 sq. feet of area in a building at Nariman Point, Mumbai, the space required a design that allowed for all modern amenities without compromising on aesthetics. Combining three different office activities into a single space involved much more than a mere conjoining of spaces. It was also important to highlight the nature of each professional practice and yet make it blend with the whole. The architect duo zeroed down on the frequently used materials for this project - wood and glass. But they used them to create practical and functional yet dynamic spaces. Each space in design is redefined and categorized, but has a certain fluidity that allows it to blend with other spaces and don a new face.