A Study in Contrast

This project is representative of Rushabh Parekh Design Studio’s leitmotif – playing with seemingly contradictory design elements and fortifying them into one appealing whole. The interiors of this bar and café have the solid, industrial quality of an old English tavern, but they hide subtleties galore in their crevices. Sweeps of exposed brick walls dominate the space and are aided in their brooding aura by slats of wood that make up parts of the ceiling and floor.
The owner had envisaged an ensconce in the midst of Mumbai’s Lokhandwala Complex and designer Rushabh Parekh took that brief to heart, building a sound-proof-seeming escape filled with natural light and minimal frills. The bar is a visual spectacle that has a rough-hewn brick background and bar-table base; the latter topped with wood and lit up by a neat cluster of delightfully artsy Edison bulbs. The bar top breaches its boundaries on one end and slides into the exterior terrace. Another contrast is the canopied, greenery-adorned, sunlight-drenched neighbour to the subdued seriousness of the main area.