Beer and Banter

Sarvesh Shirwaikar


This tap-your-beer restaurant has been beautifully crafted around a rustic and industrial outlook that corresponds to the basic theme of the project. 

The interiors of Smoke on Water reflect the vision, expression and detailing philosophy of Sarvesh Shirwaikar, principal architect of New Delhi-based SYZSTUDIOINDIA. At this tap beer eatery, the challenge of designing an innovative concept within a tight space-outline and format was exceptionally resolved by paying great attention to creativity, design and functionality.

As you approach the entrance of the restaurant from the busy Connaught Place environment, the door, shaped like an actual beer barrel, welcomes you. The opaque façade helps add a sense of mystery to the place while also goading the guests to imagine what would be coming next. Additionally, it allows for camouflage and sound-proofing, so that the high decibel music from the internal spaces doesn’t spill out.

Corrugated metal sheets trap insulation within and represent the industrial nature of the materials used for the project. “The services within the restaurant are exposed, with the air-condition ducts, fire sprinklers, smoke alarms, cables, etc., integrating within the theme to cohesively exist and support the overall concept outline of ‘smoke and water’,” explains the team.

The use of metal, grills, grey and basic textures also brings out a sense of strong definition, while also maintaining the conceptual essence of the restaurant’s vision. “The design never overpowers the function of the project, which is a common feature of SYZSTUDIOINDIA design,” states the team.

The furniture has been customised to suit and match the theme as well. The layout consists of tables crafted out of industrial pipes, washers, bolts and metal sheets. Different types of arrangements in seating have been specifically created for various end-user possibilities, bringing in great flexibility. “A glass cube at the far end creates a core environment for the music station from where the DJ can rock out soulful tunes. The area around the bar can be re-arranged to accommodate a dance floor,” adds the team.

The lighting fixtures were crafted especially for the project to add to the visual theme and shadow play. The fixtures have been positioned at altering heights to create a mixture of light patterns and dimensions across the interiors. LED screens displaying images of rock musicians, and of sportspersons, dot the brick walls, carefully drawing the viewers’ attention while again maintaining the essence of the project. The art works fortify the central theme and add in some playful character to the restaurant.

Even with all the accents and props, the ultimate winner in the design stakes is the tap-your-beer central concept. “This is an integral part of the SYZSTUDIOINDIA design philosophy – keeping the main theme of a project at the top, at all times,” the team asserts.