Blend Of Tradition And Modernity

Tejas Mistry


Youthful play of colours and details.

When established “PIZZA SOCIAL” A Sizzling Bite Venture, their choice to design this new 1200 square feet premises was the Interior Workshop; Architect Tejas Mistry.

What they aimed at building was a peppy, catchy look, which would be youth oriented and hence decided to employ a fusion of modern and traditional ambience with distressed finishes involving some R & D and experimentation too.

In designing the restaurant, Tejas aims to stretch the boundaries of what is sustainable and relevant; understand space and how people interact with it; keep exploring materials and new ways to use them. The team began working on the design thinking of the “Modern Indian” and what its definition could be. We looked for exposed and rustic materials like Brick wall, MS Cantex jali, aggregate, exposed electrical pipes, pattern tiles and reinterpreted them to suit the requirements of a modern restaurant.

The floor presents a burst of colours in the form of a collage of colourful old pattern tiles. The main door is made of glass and colouring films, even the handle have an old world look. In the midst of all this, the eye is intentionally drawn to the cash counter which is designed with embossed lettering.

The brick wall flanking the console has small bricks jutting out. Simple layout offers variety of seating which the younger generation would be more attracted to. We have metal structure seating which look like a house and the wall on side is finished with corrugated sheet and created windows with glass and antique wooden mouldings. The layout is divided by partition made of MS Cantex jali and aggregate filled in it. The colour palette uses shades of blue, yellow and grey.

The most sober and catchy part is the ceiling. Ceiling is roughly finished with putty texture and has exposed electrical pipes. The ceilings are accentuated with Warli art paintings which add antiquated look to the ambience. Festivals, celebrations and dance are common scenes depicted in Warli painting.

The design has ensured that people come to look at the place as much as to eat the food. Let’s enter into a different and a fusion world with a vintage handle right on the entrance door.