Burma Burma

Minnie Bhatt


The inspiration behind the Burma Burma restaurant was Buddhist elements, as Burma is dominantly a Buddhist country. The moulded wall, which houses the prayer wheels, is inspired by the moulded domes of pagodas. The prayer wheels, have each been designed with elements like a lotus, Buddha peace symbol etc. Minnie Bhatt wanted a deviation from the prayer wheels which are commonly seen outside Buddhist temples. The colour palette is from Thangka art. The vintage ceiling of the premises was retained and restored as Burmese culture is very old and a vintage ceiling lent an old world charm to the ambience. The team sourced colourful parasols, made of fabric to adorn the ceiling, while the flooring is in grey IPS finish. The logo of the restaurant is a round bottom Burmese doll that symbolises the resilience of a woman, as she bounces back up against all odds. They also had a 3D doll made in wood, and mounted her on either side of the entrance door. There is a khowsvey take away counter, on one side of the entrance. The shelving and display above which is seen from the exterior as well as the interior of the restaurant. The tea bar display has two lacquered red cabinets, reproduced to resemble old Burmese cabinets. Burma is famous for teak wood, so the shelving was created in teak wood, as well as the top of the bar counter which is in a thick natural log. Minnie Bhatt sourced toys, cane baskets and lacquer ware from Burma for display. They also found the Burmese script intriguing and etched it on a wall towards the back. The seating consists of a long sofa with patterned silk bolsters. Here the booth sofa seating is in cane and wood, as cane is a craft prominent in Burma.