Cafe Cosy

Minnie Bhatt


The Silver Beach Café in Juhu, Mumbai is an inspired place - it is simple enough for the casual coffee-lover to hang out in, and elegant enough for a gourmand to indulge his tastes in. Conceptualised by designer Minnie Bhatt of Minnie Bhatt Design, this coffee place is non-fussy and approachable, just what a hangout should be. A yellow lamp post outside the café welcomes its guests, setting the stage for European bistro nostalgia. The interior scheme is simple, all deep browns and moody yellow lighting. In classical American deli style, there are wide cushioned sofas on one side, and single chairs and smaller tables on the other. Walls are mostly bare, and textured wooden beams hold up the ceiling. Everything has an open, refreshing feel here. The upper floor is slightly more informal in its tenor. It has both upholstered benches and single chairs, with small cushions of varied prints and colours peppered about. The lighting is hushed and private all across the place, but this puts the bright surroundings in contradictory perspective.