Channelling The Grecian Spirit

Hiren and Saloni Ganatra


Inspired by nature and rooted in simplicity and openness, Blanco is a glorious example of less is more.

This Greek-inspired all-day bar and eatery, designed by Colab Company, is a stark contrast to its surroundings. Located in a busy corner of the bustling Andheri West, Mumbai, Blanco overwhelms with open terrace, filtered sunlight, Aztec patterns and Handi and Laphe lights.

As one enters, on the outside the place features a front-gable design, whitewashed walls with vibrant blue-coloured wooden windows, aztec prints on the walls and decorative columns reminiscent of ancient Greek structures. The 4000+ sq ft-space has been divided into different sections according to its seating structures.

As you walk into the open terrace space, there are handwoven wooden black and white chairs and high stool tables against the glass wall. The periphery of the seating here has been marked with poles covered in colourful cane weaving, which helps one spot Blanco from a distance.

To the right, there are low pouffe seating, private cabanas, step seating and dispersed tables. Wild flowers native to Greece such as the bougainvillea, crocus flower and orchid can be spotted across the walls, corners and the ceiling.

For the interiors, epoxy with a stamped pattern creates a warm look. Area rugs featuring stripe patterns usually with flowers, trellis and classic motifs are used. Double hung wooden windows, the kind you see at old bungalows in Santorini, adorn the walls. Glazed pottery and coloured glassware have been used.

The mini live juice counter serves unconventional yet refreshing blends of smoothies, juices and shakes. The food menu boasts of an imaginative twist on the Mediterranean and European cuisine, mostly focusing on Middle East. While sticking to the concept of less and simple, the bar menu features a very thematically designed cocktail list, which reminds one of Santorini.

Owners Ashish Mehta, Kedhar Shetty, Jatin Mansata, Kushal Sankhe and Roshan Thakkar have built Blanco on great friendship. Coming from different professional and business backgrounds, they aim to open a range of FnB and hospitality outlets within the next two years in India under the company Buena Vida Leisure Pvt Ltd, Blanco being the very first.