Deep Inside A Pearl

Sandeep Khosla


The Aura Spa, located in the Park Hotel Hyderabad is inspired by the sheen, transparency and whiteness of the Golconda Diamond. The area the architects, Khosla Associates, worked on used to be an uninspiring basement. It was devoid of natural light and ventilation. The construction of the spa is also the story of how they metamorphosed the space into an elegant wellness area.
Architects Sandeep Khosla, Amaresh Anand handpicked mirrored organic sculpture pieces crafted by French artist Yahel Chirinian. When these are illuminated by spot lights, the reflected beams of light deflect onto the wall, floor and ceiling giving the whole place a heavenly and surreal look.
One notices the predominant use of white in a variety of materials. This is to enhance the feeling of openness and the intent to add to the element of calm and serenity which is so intrinsic to the ambience of a spa. The unbridled luxe factor is further enhanced by light washes and the use of sheer and shining accessories against a white palette. The presence of curved walls points to a deliberate intention; these flow continuously and it appears as if they have been designed to embrace and soothe stressed minds.